How to create the best website? 9 Secrets.

How to create the best website? 9 Secrets.


There are loads of websites on the internet and each one is for a different purpose. We all know how a website looks and what it is used for, but what is the “how to make the best website? “

You might say, What is the best website? A website is a website, it’s basic requirement is to provide information about a company or a brand. You are right.

A website is used to provide information about products, services and even brands to the clients or the local public, but your website tells a lot about your brand, there are tons of features and functions you should be taking care of while making your website. 

I will discuss everything in detail as we proceed further with this post.

But before we proceed, tell me, are websites important?

India is one of the countries where traditional business models were being used through a very long period and it is still in demand, most of the people still follow these ways to make their business.

Well, these people are the same ones who make a huge investment and buy a huge shop, loads of stuff to store in, and hire the best interior designer of the town to make the shop the most attractive.

These things are necessary for some specific businesses but not all of them, later in the long run, all those business owners who spend too much on their shop do think that the business is dead or the buyers are not attracted to their store anymore and may also give you tons of different reasons for reduced profits (We all know that one shop in our locality).

What is the reason? The interior? Or the area? Or have people lost interest in that attractive shop? No!

The biggest reason is traditional ways of business. Indians have also started adapting the trend of digitisation, we all shop from Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra and other shipping websites. We order food online for dinner, we pay our phone bills and internet bills using the internet and almost everything is done with the assistance of the internet.

You are living in the world that is transforming very fast and no one wants to waste time, nor you. If I want to buy a couple of shorts, I can even shop for them at midnight and get them delivered next day at my doorstep, so why would someone visit the store? Okay, I’m not saying no one will visit but most of the people won’t.

So it is indirectly very important to have an online presence that allows your customers to reach you as per their needs and requirements, no matter if you are into product based business or service based. Online presence is very essential as your customers have jumped online.

So, the best way to create an online presence is to build your website and make your customers reach you very easily.

Now as you know why is website important, let’s move on to “how to create the best website?”

How to create the best website?

Well, there is nothing said as the best website, but there are several factors that make a website attractive and the best in function.

I’ll mention all of them here, but what if you don’t have a website? NO?

You need to create one, How? Text us 🙂 or visit the link for details.

1. Choose your domain and hosting wisely –

The domain and Hosting part of your website are the two most important aspects that can make or break your website.

  1. Make sure that the domain name you choose should be short and sweet, and always choose a popular domain extension (if you’re in india, always prefer .com and .in)
  2. The hosting is basically the heart of your website, better the Hosting, better the user experience of your website.

We always recommend our clients to use FastComet hosting and I recommend it to you as well.

Reason? FastComet is the best service provider as per our suggestion, and it is the first international company to provide their servers in India as well. 

Other than India, they also have servers in Chicago, Toronto, Newark, Dellas, London, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Tokyo, Singapore and Sydney (you can choose your preferred server as per your location or targetting).

2. Make it responsive 

We see tons of websites daily, while we visit our clients or when they recommend us to some other companies, we have experienced that more than 50% of websites are redeveloped because they are not responsive.

Businesses spend money and build a new website altogether or maybe develop the existing website so it turns out to be mobile friendly.

So always ask your developer to create a website that is responsive for all devices, or the best hack is to use wordpress to design websites. WordPress provides themes that are 100% responsive on all devices and users can easily use them on Laptops, phones and ipads as well.

3. Add call to action buttons –

If you want your clients to perform specific actions on your website, like make a purchase or to fill a form or download a PDF and anything similar as such, you need to provide directions to the users for performing those actions.

This is done by adding some buttons on your website that indicates your clients to perform actions, those buttons are said as call to actions. 

You might have seen indicators on websites such as “Shop Now“, “Avail your 50% discount now” or “Get your free Ebook today” or “Book appointments now” and such. 

These buttons provide directions to your clients to perform specific actions on you website, and users really love to do some activity rather scrolling your website full of written content and no call to actions.

4. Secure your website –

A secured website is not just an ingredient to make the best website, but it is also the most important factor for the growth of your brand and business.

Why? Because no one wants to visit a website that is not secured. Will you visit it? No!

When you make your website, always ensure that your website designer provides you a good quality SSL certificate (Companies such as Comodo or Let’s encrypt are the ones that provide a good SSL for your website).

If your website is not secured, Google chrome flashes this alert on your website, your users can see it too.

5. Add multiple pages –

our website is as similar as your online shop, always keep it simple and never rush things in it, use as many pages as needed and bifurcate all categories separately.

We have seen websites where there is a complete mess of categories and products, your users should experience a website which is very easy to understand and to shop on. 

Finally, websites with multiple pages have high probability to rank through SEO as compared to a single pages website, because your website SEO depends on your content and multiple pages provide you the ease to diversify your content as per different categories, so Google could understand your content easily.

6. Allow customers to connect with you –

Your website is a medium where your clients and users can visit each time to know everything about your brand, your products and services.

So it is very essential for you to provide an option to your customers to connect with you, there are many options such as adding a whatsapp button on your website or a chat bot or social icons and you can also provide a customer care number. 

Your customers could connect with you every time if they need any assistance or guidance while performing any actions as such.

It is also seen that customers rate your support team based on how many options do you provide your customers to connect with you.

7. Don’t just create, update –

Creating a website is just as simple as spending $100 and there are loads of people available on Fiverr and, (We make websites too, you can contact us for the same as well).

But making a website is not an issue, but maintaining your website, updating it every time is what most people miss out.

Updating your products, updating services, terms and conditions, updating the security measures that you have been taking in the covid crises, updating your blogs and updating your daily activities is the thing that makes your website different in the eyes of Google. 

Regularly updating your website helps your website to rank higher on search engines.

Almost 80% of businesses and brands have websites these days but not even 10% websites are regularly updated.

8. Professional mail address –

Your website is a place where all your customers visit consistently to know more about your business.

Well, while I have seen tons of websites since the past 3 years and have noticed that many people add their personal email address on their websites, that’s very unprofessional and your customer might judge your professionalism very easily.

Remember, when you add email on your website, do not ever use your personal email but do use your professional one, you can click here to know what is a professional email address and also some examples.

9. Search engine friendly – 

Websites that are not SEO friendly are the ones that are lost without participating in the competition.

The websites that do not have SEO friendly content, images and other data could not generate any leads or traffic from the search engine.

Always make sure, your website is SEO friendly, the images and content on your website is fresh and easy to understand, so your website gets ranked in near future and you can benefit from the free targeted traffic from the search engines.


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